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Who can join? Applicants must be one of the following: an active or retired law enforcement officer, active or retired military, first responders, or a select member of our society who possess only the highest moral and ethical values with um-compromised integrity and character.

The membership of each Rolling Badges Chapter must be maintained as a majority of Law Enforcement Officers 70%. (LEO-retired/active).

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Prospective members must possess a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement. He/She must comply with all laws of their State regarding driver’s licensing, vehicle registration, and insurance requirements. ALL colors (patches) hard and soft are the sole property of the RBLEMC and no member owns them, they are the property of the corporation alone and any and all must be returned in good condition should you wish to leave, or your membership is terminated by the club. There is an application fee that is required as well. You must be a fit for us and us a fit for you. We believe in quality over quantity; hence we are a very close LE MC group and our families as well.

What motorcycles are accepted? All active and prospective members must own and ride a cruiser, trike or touring style motorcycle.  We strive to maintain unity in the style of motorcycles we allow. Ladies or guest riders may ride a different style motorcycle with the RBLEMC as they are not full members.

Is there a probationary period?  Yes, once a candidate completes their application process, they will begin their probationary period. Probationary period length is determined by the Executive Board and is dependent on several dynamics including riding in a safe manner during group rides and interactions between the club/chapter members, associates and your participation. You will only get out of this club what you put into it. We are fortunate enough and large enough we are not looking for members who only wish to wear a vest and not participate in club functions or rides when it is possible to do so. We are not interested in just having numbers or collecting your dues. This is why we are very successful and very close as a club, our members are active, and we are as big and as popular because of the great members we have. During the probationary period, Probates will wear a vest with partial colors. The vest will include the top and bottom rocker including the LE/MC patches. After completion of the probationary period, to be determined by the Executive Board, three-chapter group rides and a 70% favorable majority vote from the chapter, the Probate will receive the Rolling Badges center patch.  At that time full patch membership is granted. All rights and privileges are bestowed upon the member.

How do I know if this club is for me? Do your research of all LE clubs you are thinking about joining and sort out the smoke and mirrors.  What do you want out of a club and who your family is to be associated with?  We can only tell you from experience and show the contrast between philosophies. Other LE clubs are very happy with how they operate and their mentality and that is great for THEM but NOT for us!  Look at the growth and stagnation rate of a club, look at the number of members who joined and left their respective clubs in the last several years, and then ask why. Ask about their reputation in the community, even ask to ride along with them and attend a meeting before joining.  Ask when their last member joined, how long do their members stay in the club, how many turn overs have they had? How many shows up on rides and look at the activity of members and the participation rate.  Ask those questions and more before you become a member of any club only to find out, you are wanting to join a second club. 

Maybe you, like so many others who departed from clubs, are tired of the club mentality, egos, and the drama so they become the lone wolves and are poisoned based on bad principals or the members not being properly screened. They think all clubs are the same way and do the same thing. We get asked this all of the time when people are comparing clubs, so we address this now for the potential person who has the RBLEMC on their list.  Ask us why some of our members left other clubs and why those who never rode with a club prior joined us. When searching a potential club out ask if a woman who fought in the war, is in our military, or a firefighter can be a member or a female law enforcement officer, can she join? They can with us! They can fight for this country, and they can protect our families in the community, but they are not good enough to be a member and ride along side of members of other clubs? A motorcycle club, that is what we are speaking of, a motorcycle club, not your health, job or child’s health.  If you share the opinion, they should not be members in an MC, you will not be a good fit for the RBLEMC, you should seek out the others who forbid them to be members and have limited places in a club, if they have one at all. We know the answer in most cases, it’s NO they can’t belong as a member. We find this extremely insulting because women are dying in our military and as LEO’s protecting our families, but darn, she can’t ride a simple motorcycle in a club?  

Our members have a lot of pride and represent us well, we usually have major participation of our club at every event we attend. Two members riding in an event as a club is more like two buddies joining up for a ride. If the club doesn’t ride in numbers ask why, do their members even care or they just want to wear colors?  Not every member is available all of the time this is understandable. Not every person is a fit for the RBLEMC either. We may not be a fit for you as well. We would suggest that you ask the potential club what do you do socially together, how often and where do they meet?


Do they have a club house?  Do they have a “Ladies Group” like we do, whereby they go out often together for a ladies night or day of bowling, luncheons, trips etc.? Ask our members these same questions! Ride with us, attend one of our functions and meetings, and compare us to the others you may be considering. We do not want members by disparaging other clubs and how they operate, and we are not doing this at all.  We only offer examples and hypotheticals. Compare us to them and figure out what you are searching for in a club for yourself and your family.  

The aforementioned is why we can afford to be choosy and why we are very selective about who joins us. It is about quality and not quantity, yet we keep growing. We are looking for the right person who wants to be part of a group that is very close with one another, active on many fronts, and a club that has NO drama!  Remember, you are not joining a club that has 50, 60, or 70 chapters or more all over.  It takes more than a heartbeat to be a RBLEMC member and this, you should be proud of if selected to be one of the family.  The RBLEMC will never be that club, and those clubs will never be the RBLEMC. So, before joining any LE MC ask those questions. After all, when you become a member of the RBLEMC this is YOUR club!! We are a family and a very close one at that. Others in the LE MC world have said:  “The RBLEMC is a club to emulate, they are the true north.” We earned that reputation, and we are very proud of it.  That is why several other LE clubs had members quitting and coming to us. They saw both sides and are not getting out of a club what they expected in a membership or their family. We urge you before joining any club, do your research ask the right questions and join the one that befits you the most and what you want to get out of a membership in an LE MC. Our reputation will speak for itself! 

We wish you great success in your search and hope if you do not join us, that you find a home that you and your family are happy with. 
This club is about riding, and camaraderie!  “Our family – is your family”. We want all members to represent and share our believes and values in life.  Many of us are from local, city, state, county and federal law enforcement agencies active and retired, as well as the fire service, military and other community public service personnel. We ride with riders who believe in the same core values as we do.

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